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3532931299 海南澄迈县富力城红树湾诺倍尔医院


  • hall

    Connaught times Seoul hospital is full of European retro castle gate, the symbolism of nobility, we hope for the guests to provide accurate medical health service distinguished

  • VIP Lounge
    VIP Lounge

    President Huang Li said: "the past thousands of years, only the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, Chinese culture can cure the heart The world is not a medicine medicine, and in the Ancient Chinese Literature Search "

  • Hospital location
    Hospital location

    The original mangrove wetland has been on earth for millions of years, is the most special sea ecosystems on earth, mangroves release high concentration of negative oxygen ions

  • Precision medical district
    Precision medical district

    Nobel times Seoul hospital medical district include accurate medical area, nursing station, consulting room experts, blood purification center, treatment rooms, intensive care room, beauty salon, medical room

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If the ecosystem inside the pool is in disorder, if the ecosystem health and orderly development in the pool, then the pool will remain pure and clear...

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Chengmai County

Land and water here contain
"the king of cancer""。

Hainan Island

longitude E110 degrees N19 degrees


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